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Colleges and Schools to Consider

While most large cities have auto repair training classes offered at least one school, if you live in a smaller town, you may not have the option of enrolling at one of them.

Fortunately, many online schools are now offering training courses and some are even producing coursework in automotive repair. While these online classes can't get you to actually practice the techniques with your own hands, you can get a great view of how the work is done, and you can re-watch these videos as often as you want or need to. Learn more about online classes.

Cities such as Milwaukee and Phoenix have a variety of education and career training courses you can enroll in where you can learn how to get started in an assortment of distinct careers, especially in the trades and services categories. Check out some of Milwaukee's schools, or click here to look into the education opportunities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another career to consider is cooking. Working as a chef can be a terrific career choice for the right person. For serious students, there are complete culinary school programs where a student will learn all of the basics they will eventually need to master as they work in the kitchen of a good restaurant.

For students who aren't sure if they either have what it takes, or just don't have the interest to pursue a degree program, there are also shorter, individual classes that can serve as a testing ground for students to find out if a career as a chef is in their future. A site such as will show you the main schools who offer the big programs. And can help you find a great introductory class or program.

You can read more about culinary and hospitality education at

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